Of course it’s possible to both do well financially and do something good for the environment. We are proof of that.

Wind Estate is one of Denmark's leading energy companies when it comes to the sale of environmentally friendly energy. Today, the company owns approx. 400 wind turbines in Denmark and the UK with a total capacity of 300 MW and an annual energy production in excess of 600 GWh.

Our strategy is simple: We continue to develop the company’s capacity through the development, construction, operation and maintenance of new wind turbine projects in Denmark and abroad. In addition, an increasingly important part of our business model is the acquisition, operation and maintenance of older wind turbines.

Broad competences, few employees

Wind Estate is a company with few employees. However, they have broad competences within our business area. Values such as credibility, innovation and cheerfulness are appreciated here. The desire and willingness to do the right thing is a driving force for everyone in the company.

We do what we say we’ll do

Wind Estate strives to run an increasingly responsible and environmentally-friendly company. As is evident with the company’s head office in Randers. The administrative and warehouse facilities, which form the framework for the company’s activities, are one of Denmark’s first low-energy commercial buildings with its own geothermal and solar cell systems.