Doing nothing would be completely irresponsible

Fossil fuels are not only destroying the climate. The hunt for them is also a source of war and conflict all around the world. And things will only get worse as the amount of fossil fuels shrinks. Then again, the wind blows freely in all countries. It is a democratic form of energy. Everyone can use it peacefully and cheaply without over-exploitation of either people or natural resources.

Fossil fuels are a thing of the past. Which is why our entire business is built on producing and selling wind energy. Our philosophy is simple: Every man to his own trade. The purchase, construction and operation of wind turbines is what we know most about. Both the management and employees at Wind Estate have many years of experience in this field. We use this experience to capture as much of the wind market as possible, so that we can continue to expand our already significant energy production from wind turbines.

Building closer relationships

Wind Estate wishes to build close and long-lasting relationships based on trust, competence and credibility. We always go into collaborations with a wish to be a trustworthy partner – and one who simply behaves properly in all circumstances.

Not least when it comes to the relationship with landowners in the areas where we own and operate wind turbines. Wind Estate is here to stay, whether we are purchasing an existing wind turbine or developing a new wind turbine project, where we own and operate the new wind turbines. It is therefore crucial to have a good and close relationship with all partners and stakeholders, including authorities and suppliers. It pays off in the long run.

Do the right thing

Another fundamental business philosophy is to act ethically correct in any context. Also when it comes to our own energy consumption. We believe in wind energy in everything we do.

Green but not naive

We believe that our business strategy is well developed, and that we have the ability to spot opportunities where others might not. Agreements and transactions are entered into according to conditions and commercial terms as is standard practice, however, as is often not the case in our industry, Wind Estate are eager to form a continuing, long-term partnership by owning and operating the developments. As such, we have a strong interest in building and maintaining a close and good relationship with our partners and in particular, with the landowners.