We are here to suppress as much CO2 as possible. So we have enough work for the next few centuries – and beyond

We have no upper limit for how large our company can become. For Wind Estate, it is all about having the greatest possible capacity. We are here to produce and sell as much electricity as possible from wind turbines.

We are therefore constantly looking for new opportunities to expand our production capacity. We purchase and operate existing wind turbines. Just as we also develop projects, construct and operate new wind turbines. We own some wind turbines and projects one hundred per cent, while we own large shares in others.

Today we own approx. 400 wind turbines with a total output of almost 300 MW. The majority are located in Denmark, with just a few already built in the UK. Power output ranges from 130 MW up to 3,600 kW and the turbines come from different manufactures and production years.

Over the years, we have been responsible for the development and construction of many projects. Since 2008, Wind Estate has developed and built 67 new wind turbines with a total output of more than 130 MW.