For many years, people laughed at wind energy

They can continue to do so. Wind energy is a very good investment. We have proven this for the past 25 years. The value of our investments has grown steadily year by year.

In 2008, we consolidated all our experience and companies in Wind Estate A/S. The companies were formerly owned by Jens Petri Petersen and partly by Erik Abraham. As with many of the current operators in the Danish wind turbine market, the two owners came from the rapidly expanding Danish market in the late 1990s. Erik Abraham was sales manager for a wind turbine manufacturer, while Jens Petri Petersen was the same manufacturer’s agent.

First in the market for turbines in operation

When the Danish government removed the restrictions on the ownership of wind turbines in 2000, business really took off. As one of the first players in the market, Jens Petri Petersen saw the possibilities of purchasing existing wind turbines for continued operation. To do this he founded Østjysk Vindudvikling ApS, which has subsequently purchased more than 500 wind turbines. Some for continued operation, others for scrapping in connection with the construction of new wind projects. In 2001, Jens Petri Petersen and Erik Abraham joined forces. They founded Windest ApS as a joint development company.

Business takes off

After a detour to Vestas Asia Pacific A/S, where Erik Abraham in the role of Vice President helped build a sales organisation in the Far East, he returned to the newly merged Wind Estate A/S in the summer of 2008. Since then things have moved fast. In 2009, the company opened its newly built administrative and warehouse facilities in Randers SV, and by the end of the year, Wind Estate had grown to more than ten employees for the first time.

The company continues to focus on the purchase of existing wind turbines for continuing operation. After Erik Abraham’s return, the business has been supplemented by much greater investments in the development of wind projects primarily for own operation.

Today, Wind Estate is therefore one of Denmark’s biggest players in the development of wind projects, while at the same time having an increasingly large portfolio of wind turbines in operation.