What are we going to do, when fossil fuels are depleted, and the air is filled with CO2?

Nothing. Hopefully, we will already have transformed our entire energy system to renewable energies before the climate catastrophe hits us. That demands action today. Not just for the sake of the environment. Not just to ensure that our children and grandchildren have a clean and safe world. But also because renewable energies have become the cheapest solution to support growth when soaring fossil fuels prices hit us.

Wind Estate is one of Denmark’s first energy companies to only supply electricity from wind turbines. We are here to reduce as much CO2 as possible. And earn money doing it. Because the more money we earn, the more CO2 we can reduce.

Energy efficient headquarter

We don’t just talk the talk. We are already now a completely fossil-free company. Our headquarters in Randers already meets the strictest environmental and energy requirements. For example, it has triple-pane low-energy glass everywhere in the building and an intelligent electricity and ventilation management system. We cover our entire heating and hot water needs with an energy-efficient geothermal system that runs on electricity. We do not need additional heating of any kind – and the system also provides ample cooling during warm weather.

A fossil free company

In order to achieve the goal of being a one hundred percent fossil-free company, Wind Estate has installed solar panels on the roof of the building. The solar panels more than cover our needs during sunny periods. In fact, the electricity production from the solar panels is so large that it covers the entire company’s annual power consumption.

Electric cars for the future

Alongside this project, we are steadily transitioning our car fleet to electric cars. We were among the first in Denmark to invest in Tesla Roadsters, and we have since added Tesla Model S sedans and a Tesla Model X.