We weren’t quite so idealistic when we first got into the wind industry

We were not more aware of the importance of wind energy than others. That is why we now know what a huge task it is to change other people's attitudes about the necessity of renewable energy.

Our interest in wind turbines first and foremost came about because we could see that there was money to be made. Which is probably the case for most people. The bottom line is what counts. You need to put money in people’s wallets to open their eyes for renewable energy.

Electricity for everything

Almost all renewable energies come in the form of electricity. Therefore, in the UK we need to change the infrastructure so that a much greater percentage of the energy consumption can be provided by electricity.

Heat pumps powered by electricity can easily cover the entire heating needs, both in residential and commercial buildings. At the same time, railways can be electrified and cars can run on electricity.

This transformation will not only give us much cleaner energy consumption. It will also be much more flexible and efficient.

The figures speak for themselves. So what are we waiting for? Green energy is blowing in the wind around us. It is just outside our door and ready to give us a cleaner world to live in. And there is no time to waste.